Old Witch // Keeper Split

by Keeper

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CVLT Nation x Grimoire Cassette Cvlture

Chrome-plus high-bias cassette tape with 5-panel J-card, housed in bespoke box. Edition of 200 (150 black shell w/ silver imprint, 50 clear shell w/ silver imprint)


"This is wrathful, rancorous sludge with enough feedback to provoke a searing migraine." - NOCLEANSINGING.COM



released July 15, 2015

OLD WITCH (Tracks 1-4)

All songs written, performed and recorded by Old Witch in darkest Kanada with the exception of 'Gallows' which was written by Cocorosie.

Mastered by Dan at Black Matter Mastering - blackmattermastering.com



KEEPER (Tracks 5-6)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Keeper in The Gloom Closet


Layout & design by Meghan MacRae - cvltnationdesign.com



all rights reserved


Keeper California

California Doom Band

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Track Name: Four Walls; A Home
Before too long we will forget all this
Before too long you will forget everything

Aching, I kissed your knuckles
As you held my hand
Hard and hopeful

Striving, I pressed your hand to the stained
Wooden door
And you said, you felt it beating
Another brief moment in a day dream

16 steps to the top of the stairway
I look down below to find the water rising
Like the edges of a winter breeze
The foundation wanes and shudders
Ignorant truth keeps the tide at bay

We will never get to stay here
Daydreams of hinted futures
She wrote to me:

"At the end of every hour, everything is taken away.
Lapse in memory or lapse in judgement, you’re at a loss.
Touch comes in but ash comes out.
Give as you get if you want to move along.
I know how hard you pushed me.
I know how hard we pressed on.

Keep the backdoor cracked when you get home.
I want to watch you living.
I want to keep living on the outside."

Lack luster pleas keep me grounded
My fabled sins, my heart beats away
Your visions of me are clouded in perfection
You won’t see past the night
The doorway is just your height

The bedroom walls peeled away
The secrets of the hollow spaces
Take time away from delusion
I tried to make you see

Words are repeated
Your cold feet sting when we lay intertwined
The ceiling forces my eyes open
As it crumbles

The water reaches my heartrending mouth
Drowning my words of fear
The flood drains as my thoughts are made clear
Made clear forever in lies
Wash away my sins

I held your ear to the door frame
And you said you heard it speaking
Another brief moment in a day dream
Track Name: With or Without Pt. 1, 2 & 3
All the stability of a crippled race hours
All four legs broken

Tattoos on both hands

Look who’s having fun now

Burying the mare
Its eyes blink and then become still
Mouth full of dirt
And a mind worse off still

Worth is only worth it when you're winning

Run the soil dry
My open mouth pleads onward
You can hold her warm body close for a lifetime
Till you try to sleep and the soil dries

Flesh to flesh
Dust in my eyes again
The last bird flies casting out my sins
Feel my mouth breathe as I count again
She says this is home
But I’m lost again
Soil into clay
The water won’t make it to wine
Because you couldn’t shake the taste

When you press your faith
In me
To the end of a hard wound stretch of jealousy
Fibers split in my hands (hands out fools)
Ten to one I'll spit up everything and watch us wallow
To the end of a hard locked spell of secrecy
Pay your dues

Hoisted up
Make plans for the underside of commitment as you
Drag line to line
Left portions burn
You create new feelings
Strong enough to build a life time
Say I do

Break neck speeds keep you lawless
Both eyes shut as you pin lust to your front door (let me in)
I'm a tired stake of property (let me win)
Odds are endless your faith will drown
When you press too deep
Skin your knees as you pray
Because humility just won’t let you win